Choosing The Best Fort Carson Schools For Your Kids

If you have children that need to go to school and you are considering where near Fort Carson you need to find a home just to be in the “right” school district –well, join the club. This is a process that all Army families must go through when they PCS to the Colorado Springs area.

Thankfully, Colorado has a forward-thinking approach to education with their school of choice laws. This means you can live in any Fort Carson / Colorado Springs, CO school district and send your school-age children to *any* local public school you deem to be the correct fit for your progeny.

“Open Enrollment” allows any child living in Colorado and meeting the program requirements to enroll in any of the schools within the Fort Carson area.

Are you feeling lucky? Hope so, because in the event that your school of choice (outside of the district you happen to live in) is full, your school-age children will be put on a waiting list. The particular school in question will determine who gets in using either a FIFO (First In, First Out) rule or even a lottery.

Okay, now that you are all excited about where your kids “may” go to school, it’s time to think about the very mundane yet extremely important issue of how they are going to get there and back! This is not a minor detail. The best school in the world is of no use to you or your kids if you can’t reliably and safely transport them.

Go to for more information about the “school of choice” program in Colorado. Another resource that will help you compare schools is right on our Fort Carson GoArmyHomes Website. Just go to to discover the location, comparisons, and other pertinent information about each Fort Carson area school.

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